Cloud Computing: United States Businesses Will Spend $13 Billion On It

Security Professionals Identify IT Risks Associated with Cloud Computing

At the simplest level, cloud computing lets you share files and resources via the web. If you run a small business, you read about cloud storage as a way to backup and protect your data. Companies, such as, Google Docs (now Drive), DropBox, Carbonite, Cubby, and a slew of others. If you need to choose an online backup provider, take a look at Tim Fishers post: 40 Online Backup Services Reviewed . Looking beyond online backup, to understanding where the cloud is going, I look to Louis Columbus who writes extensively about the cloud here on Forbes and elsewhere.

IBM 5 Reasons Businesses Use The Cloud

The research found that just 37% of respondents were confident that they knew what cloud computing was, up from 34% in 2013. While 36% stated that they had little or no understanding of cloud in the context of computing, compared with 38% the year before. >See also: Survey exposes differing views toward public cloud Although two in five (39%) correctly identified online file hosting services, such as Dropbox, as cloud-based, just one in four correctly identified iTunes (24%), email services like Hotmail or Gmail (24%) and scalable hosting across multiple servers (25%). Commenting on the results, Matt Mansell, 123-regs Managing Director, said: Cloud grows in popularity with each year that passes in business spheres with business owners taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability that it brings but members of the general public do not (knowingly) share this enthusiasm, despite the popularity of the term across the technology and consumer market. This in itself is by no means problematic. After all, why should a consumer care about the technicalities of how their services are delivered? For consumers its the end result that matters. The majority of people simply want innovative applications that can offer a smooth user experience on a range of devices.

Central Logic Selects ClearDATA Healthcare Cloud Computing Platform to Host Its Patient Flow Software

Hundreds of hospitals have worked with Central Logic to improve patient satisfaction, reduce wait times, increase admissions, optimize LOS, streamline communication, and grow financial margins. Central Logic's transfer center, scheduling, and capacity optimization solutions provide robust functionality while reducing operational costs. For more information, please visit . About ClearDATA ClearDATA Networks, Inc. is the market leader for healthcare cloud computing and information security services for healthcare providers and software and service companies, and is 100% dedicated to the healthcare field. ClearDATA's HealthDATA Suite of Cloud Computing Solutions enable providers to fully automate, protect, and securely manage healthcare medical records, applications, IT infrastructure and digital storage.

Public out of sync with business when it comes to cloud computing, survey finds

Enterprises are having difficulty recruiting security professionals and the most security organizations in the world are experiencing embarrassing security breaches. Consequently, security professionals believe that cloud providers must be experiencing the same problems. Since this is a fair conclusion, cloud providers need to fess up to these issues and tell users how they plan to address them. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) understands these risks and is working with the industry to acknowledge and address them.


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